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Counter Strike: An Epic Game having Epic Features

Counter Strike is more than probably the most famous action game ever made. As we perhaps already know that many competitions were held based on this game. The fact is that this game is considered to be one for teens.

Well, actually there are many persons that already passed the age of 18 years that enjoy a lot the moments they spend to play this arcade game. Some might say that they are addicted to this game and how they should not be? After all, Counter Strike is extremely entertaining with a wide range of features, maps and so on.

Also, the possibility of multi-player is also something that keeps attracting players from all the corners of the world. To chat with your friends while shooting the enemies is quite cool.

Intro to Counter Strike:

There are three Counter Strike games: Condition Zero, Source and Global Offensive. The games have the same plot and theme. In each of them you will meet two teams. The team includes one of terrorists and one of counter- terrorists. The round ends in the moment when one of the teams loses.

The players that are in the counter-terrorist team can win the game if they finish the mission entrusted to them or if they manage to kill all the terrorists. It depends on the player, which side he wants to go. It is possible to choose one of the teams as long as you finish the mission or shoot all the enemies.

There are eight different characters for each game except the Condition Zero one that has ten of them. The characters are divided in two teams. Before starting the game the players have the possibility of choosing a map. The map shows the place where the mission will be.

There are maps of a great difficulty due to the terrain or due to the uncountable buildings where the enemies can hide and kill you without noticing it. However, there are maps of an easier difficulty, with good places for players to hide and from where they can move fast and effective.

All players have a few seconds before starting the round. During these seconds, a time which is known as “freeze” time, the players have the possibility of purchasing weapons or any other equipment that can help them to win the game. After these seconds the fun is starting.

Counter Strike: An Epic Game

Counter Strike is an epic game. It has millions of players scattered in the entire world. Since 2000 when the first Counter Strike appeared and until nowadays the game had gathered lots of fans. The incredible and wide range of weapons alongside single or multiple players and of course the numerous maps had made from this game a fabulous one.

Also, within all three games that have multiple modes are installed several features that are providing the players with noteworthy moments spent in front of the personal computer. Whether you are a teen or already a grown up it is impossible not to been played at least for once Counter Strike.

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Counter Strike 2.0 – One of the Best Arcade Games

Counter strike 2.0 also known as Counter Strike: Condition Zero is a continuation of the one of the best arcade games of all times which is the Counter Strike. It was released in 2004 and was modified using the GoldSrc game engine which was basically a Half-Life engine.

counter strike 2.0 engine was so heavily modified and was capable of rendering high quality 3D graphics to enrich the gaming experience. The game started to develop in the early 20’s in different developing houses. counter strike 2.0 was fully created in early 2003 by Ritual Entertainment who entirely recreated it and the game was made into a single death match mode having different missions and different bots.

Later the development of the counter strike 2.0 was handed over to Turtle Rock studios they made final changes in the games, updated the bots, the missions and the maps and the new mod called the deleted scenes. After the final updates the game was released on March 23, 2004. Counter Strike 2.0 became so popular among the arcade games fans and record number of gamers purchased the game

Condition Zero actually comes up with the online multiplayer mode which actually contains updated maps, textures and updated characters. The multiplayer gaming can also be achieved via LAN play or via online gaming. The game contains enhanced graphics and textures which became the source of its popularity.

The gameplay is lag free and it runs smoothly if the PC fulfills the requirements. The offline playing mode was actually made to comfort the players in the ruthless universe of the online gaming. In the offline playing mode there are total eighteen missions.

The player has to deal with several challenges which actually test the user’s patience and the capability of making strategies.The challenges are actually in the form of sets containing three missions each. One has to complete each set of challenges in order to surpass the game levels.

The difficulty level of counter strike 2.0 goes on increasing and it literally tests the user’s gaming skills on whole new level, even the stager Condition Zero players will be sweating in the end. The game has the same usual killing or saving style. By this one can easily understand that the either the user has to be terrorist or counter-terrorist.

If the user is a terrorist then he has to plant the bombs and assassinate the good guys in order to successfully complete the mission and on the other hand if the user is a counter-terrorist then he has to defuse the bombs or rescue the hostages in order to complete the missions. The users get some handsome virtual money on killing the opponents with which the users can buy variety of weapons.

There are about 4-5 different characters who have different skills and priorities. Each character comes up with his own preferable weapon in which he specializes his skills. At the start the user has to surpass his opponent by winning more than two matches in order to complete the task.

It may sounds easy and piece of cake but actually each level has its own challenges that one must fulfill. These challenges change with the increasing difficulty like in some challenges the user has to complete the task within the specific time or the user has to kill specific number of enemies with a special weapon etc.

Hence the game has what it takes to be the best arcade games of all times with its exciting fun stuff the Counter strike 2.0 aka Condition Zero is indeed one of the best games.