Counter Strike Online

Counter Strike Online Overview

Nexon, a South Korean gaming cooperation introduced an online game called Counter Strike Online. It was the sequel of the original Counter strike. It is a First Person Shooter Means FPS game. It is approved and licensed by the United Stated gaming company “Value Cooperation”.

Micro-payment model is used in this game to purchase different weapons or items needed for the game. It was majorly produced for the Asian markets but its popularity is worldwide.

Overview of Counter Strike Online:

Aim of the Game:

The aim of the game is “to kill the opponents or achieve the goal”. Goal is always given to you in the game. Game does not need any special expertise but a little skill and strategy for winning the match. It is a multi-player game. A team of terrorist and counter terrorists fight each other to win the game. It has several modes, weapons, series and maps. All of these aim to provide entertainment and fun.

Peculiarity of Counter Strike Online:

The game is made interesting by using various modes. Some modes are totally new while some are taken from the original Counter Strike. Some of them are:
Assassination, Deterioration, Mutation, Zombie, The Hero, Fun Mode and so on. Zombie mode are mostly alike, fighting modes are common to play whereas there are some entirely different modes as well.

The major example is “World Cup 2010 Mode” In which you had to play in the ground rather than in the battlefield. The company keeps on including new things for instance, new characters, new skins, weapons for the sake of innovation and involvement by the player’s side.

What to do?

Players need game points and sometimes virtual cash to unlock the “Locked Weapons” and “Special Items”. Different modes are played differently, while the basic theme of the game remains the same.

Players have to “Fight” for their survival. In “Zombie: The Hero” mode two teams play the game, Zombies and Human beings. In the zombie modes in Counter Strike Online, all players start being humans but at some point a player becomes a Zombie and starts infecting all the others.

Zombie Modes in Counter Strike:

There are different kinds of zombies in this game, some are regular, light, heavy, pschyco and voodoo etc. The interesting point in this game is different zombies are found in different modes. Like Deimos, Ganymede, Stamper, Banshee and Jiang Shi zombies are available in Zombie: The Hero, Zombie 3: Original and Zombie: United mode.

The variation of zombies depends upon the release area of the game, for example the Singapore version you will find only normal zombies, whereas in China version there are psycho zombies. They have different skills in the game, if one zombie is able to pull players towards it, the other will be able to perform special jumps or block bullets and so on. Original zombies in the Counter Strike Online, enjoy more power and health than the infected zombies after the origin.

Objective of Counter Strike Online:

The level and difficulty level keeps on increasing as you start playing. Counter Strike Online is a “Mission” based game. Your challenge is to fight the new occurring opponents and hurdles in several new maps.

Nexom keeps on updating the game for improving the entertainment level. Every time a new map or hurdle or mode will be introduced for the sake of refreshing the game. “Oil Rig” was the first of many new VIP maps to be released.


The more you achieve the goals the more you will be able to unlock or purchase items in the game. Counter Strike Online is a game that if you start playing it you will get tired but the game will never end. Counter Strike Online is an easy to play but difficult to ignore Game.

Counter Strike Online

Interesting Facts About Counter Strike Online


Counter Strike Online is the best ‘’Action’’ entertainment in the gaming world. It is meant for the action lovers. The game was majorly designed for the Asian countries but its popularity made it an essential fun throughout the world. It has more players from the west than from the Asian countries. A lot of players enjoy this game on the daily basis. Some times you have to purchase the desired weapons in the game, as they will be ‘’Locked’’. You can purchase them via Micro-payment .The maximum amount in your account is 16000 in the Counter Strike. There are some interesting facts about this game that are worth knowing.


There are so many games that are really interesting but we cannot play them with each other. It’s a multiplayer game so for adding more fun to the play, invite your friends, make a team become Terrorists or Counter-terrorists and start playing. In Counter-strike online teams defend or destroy each other.


The First beta of ‘’Counter Strike ‘’was released in 19 June 1999 and since then it is being updated and improved. The most interesting thing about counter strike online is it has tow to four updates every year. From BETA 1.0 to BETA 7.1 and from version 1.0 to 1.6 counter-strike online has been growing day by day. And not only these versions are the source of updating it but also the alterations and additions in the older version are still expanding it. The latest version of counter strike online is called the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) it is going to be released in August 21, 2012.

It has a long list of modes. These modes are meant for adding interest and vary the game versions from one another. Some of the modes are as follows:  Death match, Zombie: The Hero, Assassination, and Hostage rescue .You can play any mode of your choice and enjoy.

An interesting fact about the game is ‘’Guerilla Group’.’ It is very famous for bombing school buses full of Rock and Roll musicians. Another amazing thing about the game is the goal of the counter terrorists in ‘’Oilrig’ which is to get the VIP to the helicopter. In the Zombie’s mode if someone is attacked by a Zombie he will also become a Zombie. Zombies are of different kinds and origins, having their own abilities and even ethnicities. For example there is a Chinese zombie and a Singaporean zombie; a heavy zombie, a boss zombie a girl zombie, a light zombie and so on.

Counter-Strike Online has Hostages maps also. Four hostages are there on every hostage rescue map.


Weapons and amours are even updated and introduced from time to time. There is a long list about them. Some of them are pistols, shotguns, sub-machineguns, assault riffles, machines guns and many more. They all have further divisions for example within pistols the game will have GLOCK, Colt Anaconda,   Desert Eagle etc. Some of the shotguns are Benelli M3 Super , Winchester, Daewoo etc. The automatic shotgun could have 7 rounds only, while the standard 12 gauge could have 8 round clips, but its reloading is slow.

The cheapest terrorist rifle is Ak-47 and its price is $ 2500 in the game.


What makes this game superior over others as it has also been included in the gaming competitions all over the world. It has won for the first time a match called team e9 in the oldest professional gaming competition called Cyber athlete Professional League.


Maps are various in the game. They help the players to achieve the goal. They also help in locating the opponents or places. In Counter Strike online map de_dust there are so many green boxes found for you to hide from the enemy.


These fun facts about Counter strike Online gives a great idea about the fun in the game along with increasing your information so do not forget to share this information with your siblings and friends and enjoy while playing it, have fun!!!

Counter Strike Online

Counter Strike Online Review

Counter Strike Online Overview

A duel set of terrorists and counter terrorists fight each other in counter-strike online. Its theme is set in FPS (stands for FIRST PERSON SHOOTER). It was initially developed as a fan-mod but after some time its fame converted an entirely new game. It was initially designed to hit only the Asian players but world-wide popularity made it an international online game. No computer is without Counter-strike online these days. Thanks to the consistent refining and reforming.


Difference between the core ‘’Counter-Strike’’ and the ‘’Counter-Strike Online’’ is only one, and it is the online Cs has more modes, MMO elements and versions than the Counter-strike. The visuals in both are the same.

Facts To Remember

The game is published by IAH Games. It file size is ~600 mb. The game was actually targeted towards Asian markets for the first time in 2008 by South Korea. Game type is MMOFPS which means ‘’Massively Multiplayer First Person Shooter’’. The main idea of the game resembles that of Sudden Attack and Combat Arms. You get points and cash by which you could purchase certain special items in the game for instance weapons. Some of the items need real money to be purchased for this please use micro-payment method.

Some Modes, Maps and Ammunitions

Modes in Counter Strike are many but some of them are mentioned here as; Zombie Scenario, Assassination mode, detonatation mode, death match mode, and Global Offensive etc.

Ammunitions are so many in this game. Some of them are recollected here; there are pistols such as Glock 18 and USP tactical.UMP and TMP and MAC10 are the names of some sub-machine guns.M3 Super and 2MX 1014 are the shotguns in the game. Similarly there are rifles, snipers, machine guns, Grenades and other miscellaneous items. (knives, Kelvers, C4 Explosives, bomb defusing kits etc)

Maps vary from one another also. For every new version there is another map.


Characters in counter-strike online are in variety also. There are hunters, zombies, human beings, SAS top medic, Top Snipers, 707 Commanders, Chinese spies, bomb experts Demon exorcist and many more. Every Version or mode would have a different character.

Pros and Cons of the Game:

It has more pros than cons. Some of them are presented to you here:

The most attractive pros of counter strike online are it has the best graphics. The game is very realistic. It has balanced maps. It resembles its original game i.e. Counter-Strike. It has multiplayer option. It has plenty of weapons and modes to enjoy.

The only serious issue with this game is its latency. The reason for this is its location which is South- East Asia. Some weapons area little imbalanced. But this is not something very grave.


Counter-Strike Online is the best recreation for a serious player. So enjoy the game and have fun!!!!

Counter Strike Online

Major Problems With Counter Strike Online

Counter strike Online is an action game that is loved by everyone all over the world, although it was basically designed to hit Asian markets only. It is a classic in the gaming world. Game lovers call it Game of  the Century because of its Attraction.

Counter Strike Online has three most interesting things about it that are:

  • Its a Multiplayer Game.
  • It is a Multi Mode Game.
  • It is a Multiple Options Game. (Such as multi maps, multi armors, multi characters, etc).

It is easy to learn and counter strike online have no special demands or requirements. These were all its advantages while it has some disadvantages too, Obviously.

Major Problems with Counter Strike Online:

Multiple Modes makes it Complex:

The very first problem with Counter Strike Online is its complexity. It is a very complicated game although being easy to learn, it is not very easy to understand. The main reason for this is its multiple modes. All the modes are different from one another. There are Too Many Modes and some are mentioned here:

  • Zombie Mode.
  • VIP Mode.
  • Zombie Survival Mode.
  • Challenge Mode.
  • Original Mode.
  • Death Match.
  • World Cup Mode, etc.

Serious Connection Problems:

It has serious connection problems. Its connection issues become grave sometimes. One reason is Counter Strike Online is an Online game and the other may be its major market is in Asia. Malaysia/Singapore is its host so its connection issues in some other parts of the world becomes serious.

For solving these problems you need to check your computer firewalls, open and close ports and sometimes Internet or network hardware as well etc. Some applications and programs also block Counter strike online hence creating serious problems in your game connection.

Lack of good Voice Chat

The game still lacks a decent voice solution for normal players, making systems like TeamSpeak necessary for true team play. You also need a free TeamSpeak server and free TeamSpeak channel to use.

Unbalanced Armours and Weapons:

Another serious issue in Counter Strike Online is some of its armours are not balanced. Some weapons are also not in a good balance so they cause trouble for the players to play game.

Other Problems with Counter Strike Online:

Counter strike Online is hosted in Malaysia and Singapore so this thing causes grave latency problems for the players. Latency is the rate of connection between the server and your computer. High latency means you have a bad gaming connection. Server blocks you itself as you will cause the game to slow down or freeze, even if you are got in, you are no where in the game.

Counter strike online has several gaming servers but some servers create problems in playing this game. Sometimes game freezes, while you play. It takes time in loading sometime which is also an issue for the Game-Lovers.

Although being a game with problems Counter Strike Online is not rejected or there is no reduction in its players and gamers. It has won many times in the world game competitions and is still loved and played all over the world. These Problems with counter strike online will never affect on the lovers of this game.