What Are Teamspeak Servers?

If you participate in MMORPGs or perform detailed software work with multiple users on different computers in various locations, you already know the importance of a reliable voice chat connection to ensure clear, timely communication. Whether you need more flexible control over who can enter your group’s chat, or a system with more dependability and stability than what you’re currently using, TeamSpeak servers are a great option for WOW players, other MMORPG gamers, and anyone who relies on voice over IP chat for their work-related or gaming needs.

A TeamSpeak server allows you to customize and control who you chat with, with full administrative functions that allow you to add or delete users at your discretion. At any time, you have the ability to add slots and manage all aspects of your group’s online communications. With your own TeamSpeak server, you’ll enjoy crystal-clear audio, web-based administration control, and a fully adjustable and scalable user permissions system.

With this solution, you’ll have the ultimate control over how you and your friends connect online. All you need is a microphone and headset to start enjoying the benefits of your own TeamSpeak server. Finally – a cost-effective way to have ultimate control over your group’s voice chat, with instant set up, live support, unlimited bandwidth, and other premium services. Please visit our website for more information.

You can purchase a server from one of the hosts on or go through the headache of installing the server software yourself. This is not recommended.


Online Gaming – 10 Tips On How To Keep Your Clan Active

Causes of inactivity

“Know your enemy” as an old saying goes. If you want to use the right tool to counter inactivity, you will first have to find out what causes the inactivity and in which area. An example: if your clan members barely visit your clan website and forums, countering this with organising an internal ladder is not the best option: they won’t read the announcement for it. Better it would be to contact a few randomly selected members on an instant chat programme, i.e. MSN, ICQ and the like, and see what his or her personal interests are. With that knowledge, you will be able to group your clan members based on common interests. Thus starting a few forum topics which are related to their common interests usually cures the forum inactivity. Fact is: you will have to be creative to find the cause of an inactivity. Chances are slim a member will come to you with the message: “hi, you can cure my inactivity by installing a blog for me.” If it would only be so easy… 😉

10 tips to keep your clan active

This is probably the part of the text you are actually looking for. However, I would suggest reading this entire article as I cannot guarantee the following 10 tips will work if you simply use them as misguided missiles.

1. Host internal tournaments or ladders

Usually a never-ending, member-only ladder can be used as a preventive measure against inactivity. It keeps both the clan activity in-game and on-site — i.e. clan website — stable. This because members will play ladder games whenever they please, they will upload the result of the match as a recorded game, and they will comment on each others performances, strategies and the like.

2. Have weekly meetings with members

Many clan leaders underestimate the power of common conversation. Having a weekly or bi-weekly meeting with your clan members in a chatroom can do a lot of good to the morale — not to mention the sense of unity — amongst the participating members. Of course, you ought to invite your clan members on a voluntary basis. Try publishing the invitation for such a meeting on a place which your clan members visit often. I.e. if they do not check forums often, use word-of-mouth instead: tell one member you organise a meeting, and he will spread the word to fellow clan members he encounters. Have such a meeting in a chat program or teamspeak, I personally prefer teamspeak above a chat window with my clan members as it raises the “sense of communicating with another human being” rather than reading some text off a chat window from a complete stranger.

3. Have on-going topics in your forums, i.e. “forum games”

Having one or, if you like, a few on-going topics in your clan forums usually causes both site visitors and clan members to return. Just Google for the words “forum games” and you should be finding yourself an ocean of examples. Just to pick one for the lazy ones out there: the never-ending story. One person posts a few lines of a made-up story, the next poster continues the story with his own few lines. This goes on and on. Not only this measure is considered fun by forum junkies and spammers — i.e. people who post awfully much — it also gets your clan members an opportunity to work together on something.

4. Have surveys and discussions

Not every clan leader is as talkative as your aunt is. For those who have no clue on how to start a conversation on a chat programme with your fellow clan members, a survey can be the solution. You could use a survey or a poll to find out what your members like, dislike, adore, hate and the like. All you have to do is create the poll, and design the voting options. If you are not familiar with creating an effective poll, then I would suggest to keep it basic. Give your voters three options: black, grey and white. Black being the hate or disliking something, grey being neutral about the issue, and white being a fan or in agreement of the matter at hand respectively. With polls you can usually launch a discussion to sort out why someone voted on a certain option. This deepens out the poll and can get you valuable information as a clan leader on the likes and dislikes of your clan members. Just make sure the discussion does not go off-topic, though!

5. Encourage the creation of interesting articles

This one sounds harder than it looks like. What it basically comes to is that you reward the members which are active in the game the clan is involved in. Active clan members have their own play-style: they have considerable knowledge of the game they play, they know strategies, tricks and the like. Why not design a system which rewards those members by sharing their knowledge with their fellow clan members. The reward can be a small token of appreciation — usually this already is enough. Its kind of hard to describe, so you will basically have to see for yourself. For Legio Romana, I have such modest award system in place. I combined the Guild Roster with it. A member gets a “medal” next to his name for forum posts, articles written and other in-game achievements depending on the game your clan caters to.


Ventrilo vs. Teamspeak Servers for Voice Communication

Ventrilo and Teamspeak are inherently two very similar applications. In their purest form, both utilize a Voice over IP technology in a client-server layout to allow gamers to communicate online. In other words, many users can install the software on their home computer (the “client”), which is organized through one central hub (the “server”) placed ideally in a well-connected data center in the local region as to minimize latency.

Teamspeak and Ventrilo are most often used with a computer headset, however both will work fine with simply a microphone and speakers. Some popular games that use these technologies include World of Warcraft, Everquest, Counterstrike, America’s Army, and virtually any other online game where gamers can utilize teamwork to accomplish the game’s objectives. Client-side applications for either voice utility have been successfully implemented for Windows, Apple OS X, and a wide variety of unix-based operating systems.

Ventrilo Servers

Ventrilo’s first release was let out on August 3, 2002 which replaced outdated predecessor Roger Wilco released in October of 1999. Although it has not completely overtaken the market, Ventrilo has expanded its market share heavily over the multi-user VoIP industry in recent years. Ventrilo communicates primarily over TCP, and depending on the level of active codecs, tends to be more bandwidth-intensive. Users of Ventrilo’s client interface tend to prefer its simple and light-weight display.

TeamSpeak Servers

Teamspeak was initially released on August 29, 2003 by Ralf Ludwig and Niels Werensteijn in Germany. The current release of Teamspeak is Teamspeak 3. Teamspeak communicates its packets primarily over UDP and is a processor-intensive application due to a reliance on SQL database queries server-side. Teamspeak 3’s client interface is very feature-rich, however slightly bulkier than Ventrilo.

Future Development

The Alpha release of Teamspeak 3 contains a number of new features such as tabbed server participation, revised instant messaging similar to IRC and AIM and is expected to be released before the end of 2007. Little has been said about the next release of Ventrilo, however a new Ventrilo release is also expected soon which should remain very competitive with Teamspeak as well as any other entries to the voice industry in the foreseeable future.

As online voice communication evolves, one thing is for certain- with the fiercely competitive development of either application, users need not let their hopes down for the future of online gaming.


Ventrilo Server Hosting or TeamSpeak Server Hosting

What do you know about Ventrilo or TeamSpeak?

Many people have never heard of Ventrilo and/or TeamSpeak. They have both been used in the gaming industry as well as the office environment. Both have been leaders in the VoIP industry, but which one should you use?

What is Ventrilo?

Ventrilo (also known as Vent) is a voice communication program allowing users to connect to a central server and chat with other users much like a conference call. This is essentially voice over IP technology, and in video game terms can often mean the difference between a successful raid run and or a complete wipe. Ventrilo users can count on no lag, amazing codecs and great stable performance. Ventrilo is definitely one of the industry’s leading players in VoIP.

What is TeamSpeak?

TeamSpeak (also known as TS) is a communications tool that uses the internet as a highway for delivering clear communication. TeamSpeak was originally targeted toward the gaming community. This software was made for increasing the communication in online games. However, the same possibilities with games became very useful with business. This software created a revolution in the multiplayer gaming around a couple of years back. Before TeamSpeak all gamers knew of was in game voice commands.

The features and differences:


  • Cross channel communications.
  • User-to-user private conversations.
  • Individual channels that can be created dynamically.
  • Sub channels.
  • Muted channels.
  • Queued channels.
  • Password protected
  • server login and channels.
  • Advanced channel control options and filters.
  • Text-to-speech (TTS) voice generation.
  • Key binding to execute special program functions, play wave files, send TTS messages.
  • Separate phonetic spelling of user and channel names for proper TTS.
  • Built in chat similar to IRC.
  • Users can enter dynamic comments for all other users to see.
  • User assigned names for server connections. No need to remember IP numbers.
  • Multiple platform support for servers.
  • Servers are now ready and supported on 64bit platforms.
  • Ability to restrict server admin features. Useful for hosting services.
  • Server specified codec’s to control voice quality and bandwidth usage.


  • Optimal bandwidth usage with codecs ranging from CELT 5.1Kbit to GSM 16.4Kbit to Speex 25.9Kbit for optimal voice clarity
  • Local address book allows you to connect quickly to your favourite servers
  • Webserver list allows you to find TeamSpeak servers without their IP
  • Channel and sub-channel creation
  • Client is designed to work well with firewalls and routers
  • Passworded servers and channels
  • Completely configurable key bindings (hotkeys) to quickly join specified channels, mute your microphone, etc.
  • Whisper functions so you can speak privately to individuals, groups of persons, or other channels
  • Auto voice normalizing (no need to adjust your mic manually)
  • Supports Microsoft Gamevoice ™ hardware
  • Windows/Linux server
  • Windows/Linux client
  • Text messaging in the client
  • Seamless optional MySQL integration, allowing you to customize your server database
  • Minimal CPU and RAM requirements
  • Given bandwidth requirements are met, servers can easily handle thousands of users

At the end of the day it is personal preference in choosing between a Ventrilo server or a TeamSpeak server. They are both without a doubt amazing products

How To tutorials

Some Useful Tips to Win Counter Strike Online

Counter Strike Online game is a big time challenge for the players and to win in this game is not so easy. To win a round you have to remove and kill all the opponents or achieve the goal that is assigned to you in the map. It needs certain strategies and tips. There are some general instructions given to you to win in any mode. Just use them and enjoy tips to winning counter strike online  the game.

Tips To Win Counter Strike

  1. At the start of every round select a weapon very quickly without wasting any time. You always receive money at the start of every round. Use that money but don’t waste a lot of it because for the wining round you will need at least $3500 money to buy weapons. You can choose USp, Glock or HE grenade. Three of them are amazing to fight with.
  2. It is very important to communicate with your team,and might even be fun to do. Join a TeamSpeak server to communicate with your friends and teammates, and make a free TeamSpeak channel.
  3. For exploring the team map and for using the bombs, just stay close to your teammates. You must be an unpredictable player for killing the enemies with the bombs. Move slowly towards your enemies, they must not hear you coming.
  4. While exploring the team map, instead of using weapons switch to your knife or pistol. It will allow you to run faster.
  5. Beware of the places where your foes can appear suddenly like the nooks or the entrances etc.
  6. Always fire your enemy on the chest or above it.
  7. Striking into the army post is not a good strategy. The reason is army is always vigilant and always present in the basement.
  8. Keeping a grenade is a good weapon to distract the enemy.
  9. Shoot at the walls or covers like boxes where your enemy is hidden, because the bullets can penetrate into them. In Counter Strike bullets can pierce into any surface. Try to use a HE grenade for it.
  10. While shooting, don’t move. It will affect your accuracy.
  11. Map name can be distinguished from the first two letters in Counter Strike. CS maps are hostage maps, Ts maps are terrorist maps. Try to distinguish the maps by the two letters before playing.
  12. Keep an eye on the enemies’ belts. It ensures the destruction of the opponents.
  13. Try to learn the features of all the weapons for a better strike. Practice CV 74 and M4 weapons and learn more about them.

These were some Really Working and Helpful Tips to Win Counter Strike Online Easily, Actually if you Play with Passion and Concentration you can win the game Quickly.

Tips and Tricks

Counter Strike: An Epic Game having Epic Features

Counter Strike is more than probably the most famous action game ever made. As we perhaps already know that many competitions were held based on this game. The fact is that this game is considered to be one for teens.

Well, actually there are many persons that already passed the age of 18 years that enjoy a lot the moments they spend to play this arcade game. Some might say that they are addicted to this game and how they should not be? After all, Counter Strike is extremely entertaining with a wide range of features, maps and so on.

Also, the possibility of multi-player is also something that keeps attracting players from all the corners of the world. To chat with your friends while shooting the enemies is quite cool.

Intro to Counter Strike:

There are three Counter Strike games: Condition Zero, Source and Global Offensive. The games have the same plot and theme. In each of them you will meet two teams. The team includes one of terrorists and one of counter- terrorists. The round ends in the moment when one of the teams loses.

The players that are in the counter-terrorist team can win the game if they finish the mission entrusted to them or if they manage to kill all the terrorists. It depends on the player, which side he wants to go. It is possible to choose one of the teams as long as you finish the mission or shoot all the enemies.

There are eight different characters for each game except the Condition Zero one that has ten of them. The characters are divided in two teams. Before starting the game the players have the possibility of choosing a map. The map shows the place where the mission will be.

There are maps of a great difficulty due to the terrain or due to the uncountable buildings where the enemies can hide and kill you without noticing it. However, there are maps of an easier difficulty, with good places for players to hide and from where they can move fast and effective.

All players have a few seconds before starting the round. During these seconds, a time which is known as “freeze” time, the players have the possibility of purchasing weapons or any other equipment that can help them to win the game. After these seconds the fun is starting.

Counter Strike: An Epic Game

Counter Strike is an epic game. It has millions of players scattered in the entire world. Since 2000 when the first Counter Strike appeared and until nowadays the game had gathered lots of fans. The incredible and wide range of weapons alongside single or multiple players and of course the numerous maps had made from this game a fabulous one.

Also, within all three games that have multiple modes are installed several features that are providing the players with noteworthy moments spent in front of the personal computer. Whether you are a teen or already a grown up it is impossible not to been played at least for once Counter Strike.

How To tutorials

How To Play Counter Strike Online for Free

EDIT December 2018 : Counter Strike Global Offensive is now Free To Play for all users of Steam, you Can pick up a copy here.

Counter Strike Online is the best online action game produced by Nexon. It is a first-person shooter game that has the license holder from Valve Software, the creators of the renowned Half-Life series.

It has various versions for connecting online, such as Stream, None stream, Garena and hamachi. In order to play the game online you would need to choose one of the versions and start playing it online.

Play Counter Strike Online For Free:

For using Counter Strike Stream version, you will need to download it first of all. Install it on your computer and follow the instruction given below:-

After downloading and installing the game, open it. Go to the upper right of the keyboard corner below the Esc button and press “~” to the main menu of the game. By pressing this button it will prepare the console window to perform actions you like. This window will also help in performing different tasks While Playing Counter Strike Online.

For example: It will connect your computer with the different gaming servers; it will search the suitable servers for you and get their details, it will also enable you to search for opponent’s details and many more…

Please follow some of these instructions to get the best result. ’Connect’ command must always be written with the IP address for your desired server to which you want to connect and play the game. For example you can write: ‘’Connect’’

Find a working game server; use this address to find . This website has all the working dedicated servers used for gaming. It will also let you enter different game rooms of your area.

Joining a Room In Counter Strike Online

For joining a room, please click on your Country from the drop down list and enter ‘’Search’’. It will automatically connect you to all the rooms of your area. After going to this site, just under IP section, you will find different game servers that would be Active. Now just cut and paste the server id and put it in the Counter Strike Console and use the connect command.

For example: ‘’Connect’’

The Procedure or Method I mentioned above will help you to Play Counter Strike Online for free. Enjoy the thrill and have fun!!!

Bonus: Play with Friends on TeamSpeak

Join up with your buddies and kick some behinds using TeamSpeak to communicate with your friends. TeamSpeak allows you to communicate more effectively with your team/friends and also allows you to mute the in game voice chat if there are people causing problems in-game.

Tips and Tricks

Counter Strike 2.0 – One of the Best Arcade Games

Counter strike 2.0 also known as Counter Strike: Condition Zero is a continuation of the one of the best arcade games of all times which is the Counter Strike. It was released in 2004 and was modified using the GoldSrc game engine which was basically a Half-Life engine.

counter strike 2.0 engine was so heavily modified and was capable of rendering high quality 3D graphics to enrich the gaming experience. The game started to develop in the early 20’s in different developing houses. counter strike 2.0 was fully created in early 2003 by Ritual Entertainment who entirely recreated it and the game was made into a single death match mode having different missions and different bots.

Later the development of the counter strike 2.0 was handed over to Turtle Rock studios they made final changes in the games, updated the bots, the missions and the maps and the new mod called the deleted scenes. After the final updates the game was released on March 23, 2004. Counter Strike 2.0 became so popular among the arcade games fans and record number of gamers purchased the game

Condition Zero actually comes up with the online multiplayer mode which actually contains updated maps, textures and updated characters. The multiplayer gaming can also be achieved via LAN play or via online gaming. The game contains enhanced graphics and textures which became the source of its popularity.

The gameplay is lag free and it runs smoothly if the PC fulfills the requirements. The offline playing mode was actually made to comfort the players in the ruthless universe of the online gaming. In the offline playing mode there are total eighteen missions.

The player has to deal with several challenges which actually test the user’s patience and the capability of making strategies.The challenges are actually in the form of sets containing three missions each. One has to complete each set of challenges in order to surpass the game levels.

The difficulty level of counter strike 2.0 goes on increasing and it literally tests the user’s gaming skills on whole new level, even the stager Condition Zero players will be sweating in the end. The game has the same usual killing or saving style. By this one can easily understand that the either the user has to be terrorist or counter-terrorist.

If the user is a terrorist then he has to plant the bombs and assassinate the good guys in order to successfully complete the mission and on the other hand if the user is a counter-terrorist then he has to defuse the bombs or rescue the hostages in order to complete the missions. The users get some handsome virtual money on killing the opponents with which the users can buy variety of weapons.

There are about 4-5 different characters who have different skills and priorities. Each character comes up with his own preferable weapon in which he specializes his skills. At the start the user has to surpass his opponent by winning more than two matches in order to complete the task.

It may sounds easy and piece of cake but actually each level has its own challenges that one must fulfill. These challenges change with the increasing difficulty like in some challenges the user has to complete the task within the specific time or the user has to kill specific number of enemies with a special weapon etc.

Hence the game has what it takes to be the best arcade games of all times with its exciting fun stuff the Counter strike 2.0 aka Condition Zero is indeed one of the best games.

Counter Strike Online

Counter Strike Online Overview

Nexon, a South Korean gaming cooperation introduced an online game called Counter Strike Online. It was the sequel of the original Counter strike. It is a First Person Shooter Means FPS game. It is approved and licensed by the United Stated gaming company “Value Cooperation”.

Micro-payment model is used in this game to purchase different weapons or items needed for the game. It was majorly produced for the Asian markets but its popularity is worldwide.

Overview of Counter Strike Online:

Aim of the Game:

The aim of the game is “to kill the opponents or achieve the goal”. Goal is always given to you in the game. Game does not need any special expertise but a little skill and strategy for winning the match. It is a multi-player game. A team of terrorist and counter terrorists fight each other to win the game. It has several modes, weapons, series and maps. All of these aim to provide entertainment and fun.

Peculiarity of Counter Strike Online:

The game is made interesting by using various modes. Some modes are totally new while some are taken from the original Counter Strike. Some of them are:
Assassination, Deterioration, Mutation, Zombie, The Hero, Fun Mode and so on. Zombie mode are mostly alike, fighting modes are common to play whereas there are some entirely different modes as well.

The major example is “World Cup 2010 Mode” In which you had to play in the ground rather than in the battlefield. The company keeps on including new things for instance, new characters, new skins, weapons for the sake of innovation and involvement by the player’s side.

What to do?

Players need game points and sometimes virtual cash to unlock the “Locked Weapons” and “Special Items”. Different modes are played differently, while the basic theme of the game remains the same.

Players have to “Fight” for their survival. In “Zombie: The Hero” mode two teams play the game, Zombies and Human beings. In the zombie modes in Counter Strike Online, all players start being humans but at some point a player becomes a Zombie and starts infecting all the others.

Zombie Modes in Counter Strike:

There are different kinds of zombies in this game, some are regular, light, heavy, pschyco and voodoo etc. The interesting point in this game is different zombies are found in different modes. Like Deimos, Ganymede, Stamper, Banshee and Jiang Shi zombies are available in Zombie: The Hero, Zombie 3: Original and Zombie: United mode.

The variation of zombies depends upon the release area of the game, for example the Singapore version you will find only normal zombies, whereas in China version there are psycho zombies. They have different skills in the game, if one zombie is able to pull players towards it, the other will be able to perform special jumps or block bullets and so on. Original zombies in the Counter Strike Online, enjoy more power and health than the infected zombies after the origin.

Objective of Counter Strike Online:

The level and difficulty level keeps on increasing as you start playing. Counter Strike Online is a “Mission” based game. Your challenge is to fight the new occurring opponents and hurdles in several new maps.

Nexom keeps on updating the game for improving the entertainment level. Every time a new map or hurdle or mode will be introduced for the sake of refreshing the game. “Oil Rig” was the first of many new VIP maps to be released.


The more you achieve the goals the more you will be able to unlock or purchase items in the game. Counter Strike Online is a game that if you start playing it you will get tired but the game will never end. Counter Strike Online is an easy to play but difficult to ignore Game.

Counter Strike Online

Interesting Facts About Counter Strike Online


Counter Strike Online is the best ‘’Action’’ entertainment in the gaming world. It is meant for the action lovers. The game was majorly designed for the Asian countries but its popularity made it an essential fun throughout the world. It has more players from the west than from the Asian countries. A lot of players enjoy this game on the daily basis. Some times you have to purchase the desired weapons in the game, as they will be ‘’Locked’’. You can purchase them via Micro-payment .The maximum amount in your account is 16000 in the Counter Strike. There are some interesting facts about this game that are worth knowing.


There are so many games that are really interesting but we cannot play them with each other. It’s a multiplayer game so for adding more fun to the play, invite your friends, make a team become Terrorists or Counter-terrorists and start playing. In Counter-strike online teams defend or destroy each other.


The First beta of ‘’Counter Strike ‘’was released in 19 June 1999 and since then it is being updated and improved. The most interesting thing about counter strike online is it has tow to four updates every year. From BETA 1.0 to BETA 7.1 and from version 1.0 to 1.6 counter-strike online has been growing day by day. And not only these versions are the source of updating it but also the alterations and additions in the older version are still expanding it. The latest version of counter strike online is called the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) it is going to be released in August 21, 2012.

It has a long list of modes. These modes are meant for adding interest and vary the game versions from one another. Some of the modes are as follows:  Death match, Zombie: The Hero, Assassination, and Hostage rescue .You can play any mode of your choice and enjoy.

An interesting fact about the game is ‘’Guerilla Group’.’ It is very famous for bombing school buses full of Rock and Roll musicians. Another amazing thing about the game is the goal of the counter terrorists in ‘’Oilrig’ which is to get the VIP to the helicopter. In the Zombie’s mode if someone is attacked by a Zombie he will also become a Zombie. Zombies are of different kinds and origins, having their own abilities and even ethnicities. For example there is a Chinese zombie and a Singaporean zombie; a heavy zombie, a boss zombie a girl zombie, a light zombie and so on.

Counter-Strike Online has Hostages maps also. Four hostages are there on every hostage rescue map.


Weapons and amours are even updated and introduced from time to time. There is a long list about them. Some of them are pistols, shotguns, sub-machineguns, assault riffles, machines guns and many more. They all have further divisions for example within pistols the game will have GLOCK, Colt Anaconda,   Desert Eagle etc. Some of the shotguns are Benelli M3 Super , Winchester, Daewoo etc. The automatic shotgun could have 7 rounds only, while the standard 12 gauge could have 8 round clips, but its reloading is slow.

The cheapest terrorist rifle is Ak-47 and its price is $ 2500 in the game.


What makes this game superior over others as it has also been included in the gaming competitions all over the world. It has won for the first time a match called team e9 in the oldest professional gaming competition called Cyber athlete Professional League.


Maps are various in the game. They help the players to achieve the goal. They also help in locating the opponents or places. In Counter Strike online map de_dust there are so many green boxes found for you to hide from the enemy.


These fun facts about Counter strike Online gives a great idea about the fun in the game along with increasing your information so do not forget to share this information with your siblings and friends and enjoy while playing it, have fun!!!

Counter Strike Online

Counter Strike Online Review

Counter Strike Online Overview

A duel set of terrorists and counter terrorists fight each other in counter-strike online. Its theme is set in FPS (stands for FIRST PERSON SHOOTER). It was initially developed as a fan-mod but after some time its fame converted an entirely new game. It was initially designed to hit only the Asian players but world-wide popularity made it an international online game. No computer is without Counter-strike online these days. Thanks to the consistent refining and reforming.


Difference between the core ‘’Counter-Strike’’ and the ‘’Counter-Strike Online’’ is only one, and it is the online Cs has more modes, MMO elements and versions than the Counter-strike. The visuals in both are the same.

Facts To Remember

The game is published by IAH Games. It file size is ~600 mb. The game was actually targeted towards Asian markets for the first time in 2008 by South Korea. Game type is MMOFPS which means ‘’Massively Multiplayer First Person Shooter’’. The main idea of the game resembles that of Sudden Attack and Combat Arms. You get points and cash by which you could purchase certain special items in the game for instance weapons. Some of the items need real money to be purchased for this please use micro-payment method.

Some Modes, Maps and Ammunitions

Modes in Counter Strike are many but some of them are mentioned here as; Zombie Scenario, Assassination mode, detonatation mode, death match mode, and Global Offensive etc.

Ammunitions are so many in this game. Some of them are recollected here; there are pistols such as Glock 18 and USP tactical.UMP and TMP and MAC10 are the names of some sub-machine guns.M3 Super and 2MX 1014 are the shotguns in the game. Similarly there are rifles, snipers, machine guns, Grenades and other miscellaneous items. (knives, Kelvers, C4 Explosives, bomb defusing kits etc)

Maps vary from one another also. For every new version there is another map.


Characters in counter-strike online are in variety also. There are hunters, zombies, human beings, SAS top medic, Top Snipers, 707 Commanders, Chinese spies, bomb experts Demon exorcist and many more. Every Version or mode would have a different character.

Pros and Cons of the Game:

It has more pros than cons. Some of them are presented to you here:

The most attractive pros of counter strike online are it has the best graphics. The game is very realistic. It has balanced maps. It resembles its original game i.e. Counter-Strike. It has multiplayer option. It has plenty of weapons and modes to enjoy.

The only serious issue with this game is its latency. The reason for this is its location which is South- East Asia. Some weapons area little imbalanced. But this is not something very grave.


Counter-Strike Online is the best recreation for a serious player. So enjoy the game and have fun!!!!

Counter Strike Online

Major Problems With Counter Strike Online

Counter strike Online is an action game that is loved by everyone all over the world, although it was basically designed to hit Asian markets only. It is a classic in the gaming world. Game lovers call it Game of  the Century because of its Attraction.

Counter Strike Online has three most interesting things about it that are:

  • Its a Multiplayer Game.
  • It is a Multi Mode Game.
  • It is a Multiple Options Game. (Such as multi maps, multi armors, multi characters, etc).

It is easy to learn and counter strike online have no special demands or requirements. These were all its advantages while it has some disadvantages too, Obviously.

Major Problems with Counter Strike Online:

Multiple Modes makes it Complex:

The very first problem with Counter Strike Online is its complexity. It is a very complicated game although being easy to learn, it is not very easy to understand. The main reason for this is its multiple modes. All the modes are different from one another. There are Too Many Modes and some are mentioned here:

  • Zombie Mode.
  • VIP Mode.
  • Zombie Survival Mode.
  • Challenge Mode.
  • Original Mode.
  • Death Match.
  • World Cup Mode, etc.

Serious Connection Problems:

It has serious connection problems. Its connection issues become grave sometimes. One reason is Counter Strike Online is an Online game and the other may be its major market is in Asia. Malaysia/Singapore is its host so its connection issues in some other parts of the world becomes serious.

For solving these problems you need to check your computer firewalls, open and close ports and sometimes Internet or network hardware as well etc. Some applications and programs also block Counter strike online hence creating serious problems in your game connection.

Lack of good Voice Chat

The game still lacks a decent voice solution for normal players, making systems like TeamSpeak necessary for true team play. You also need a free TeamSpeak server and free TeamSpeak channel to use.

Unbalanced Armours and Weapons:

Another serious issue in Counter Strike Online is some of its armours are not balanced. Some weapons are also not in a good balance so they cause trouble for the players to play game.

Other Problems with Counter Strike Online:

Counter strike Online is hosted in Malaysia and Singapore so this thing causes grave latency problems for the players. Latency is the rate of connection between the server and your computer. High latency means you have a bad gaming connection. Server blocks you itself as you will cause the game to slow down or freeze, even if you are got in, you are no where in the game.

Counter strike online has several gaming servers but some servers create problems in playing this game. Sometimes game freezes, while you play. It takes time in loading sometime which is also an issue for the Game-Lovers.

Although being a game with problems Counter Strike Online is not rejected or there is no reduction in its players and gamers. It has won many times in the world game competitions and is still loved and played all over the world. These Problems with counter strike online will never affect on the lovers of this game.

Counter Strike 1.6

Counter strike 1.6 the ultimate passion

Every Teenager American to Japanese, Arab to Indians, you name it they play it! This first person shooter is no doubt the most adopted videogame by those who crave action. This game was released in late 2003’s which features a kill or be killed type gameplay which is primarily designed for online gameplay involving at least one server.

If you’re in a high school or a university, chances say you know what I’m talking about. Over the years as internet expanded and boys started online and joint gaming, they started loving this team sensation.

Counter Strike 1.6:


Well, when it comes to ratings Counter Strike 1.6 was awarded 4.4 – 4.5 on average by both users and developers. Comments? Let’s just say gamers have always loved those kills better than rival first person shooter games!


When it comes to first person shooter games, Call of duty gives Counter Strike 1.6 a tough competition but CS takes the lead just before the finish line.


Games as experience suggests, usually survive low if players can’t challenge each other either through internet or some connected wires in a gaming zone I mean who doesn’t like comparing and challenging skills?

Counter Strike 1.6 received generally positive review on its gameplay. Valve developers have not generated first class graphics but they surely do provide the users with the team play sensation they crave.

Counter Strike 1.6

Counter Strike 1.6 – Why one never gets bored

Counter Strike 1.6 is the most noted and most played multiplayer game till now. The game is being played in every part of this world in, every gaming zone, in every PCs and Laptops and even on Nearly every Xbox.

Counter Strike 1.6:

Counter Strike 1.6 is actually a modification of Half-life game which had already been released in the late 1990’s. This first person shooter game is a tactical and strategy based game which tests the mind and responsive skills of the user. Valve studios took the charge of developing this game in the year 2000 modified it by adding some new distinct and epic features to it.

Counter Strike 1.6 has been a source of addiction for the gamers since its infancy. The question is why? Well, it is actually that kind of game which never actually gets out of the grace even if one plays it for decades.

Why Counter Strike 1.6 is Interesting:

One can simply never get used to it since it allows the users to customize it according to their style and preferences. One of the main applications of this customization is called “mapping”. Mapping is the most exciting factor of the multiplayer gaming and most of the gamers have actually become the mappers by the time. Some may want to play the game on the stock levels and the maps with which they are familiar with but the fact is that most of the advanced players just want some different things to increase their interest in that game.

So, one can create different maps for their own gameplay or for their dedicated servers. Isn’t this cool that you play every game on different maps and then you try to get command over that particular map by practising over and over via brutal battles. This in my point of view is the main reason why one never gets bored even after tons of gameplay.

The maps can be created through different programs and software, which are totally free to use and one can be an expert in it by watching different tutorials. Most people think that the Counter Strike 1.6 came with a lot of maps but the fact is that it came only with some simple maps but over the time the mappers created some different distinct maps on the Valve mapping platform which the users have been downloading them via different websites.

Another thing which is keeping Counter Strike 1.6 fresh and exciting is the option to make your own dedicated servers. One can make a separate server for it’s own teammates so that they can have some brutal battles with each other or they can invite other clans for a match.

Also, there are also many cool spray logos available which the users can customize and can spray them on the walls or anything else. The spray logos actually show the hold of the particular players or clans.

In other words customizing Counter Strike 1.6 was never so easy before. Now one can never get used to this epic action game.

Anyone can simply join a random game or join a Free TeamSpeak Server to play with their friends on a regular basis.

Bug Fixing

How To Fix Counter Strike 1.6 Fatal Error

If you are gaming freak then it is simply impossible that you have not played Counter strike. Counter strike is intended to be used on windows XP. However since everyone does not have Vista for various reasons they try to install this game on other windows like windows Vista, windows 7 etc due to which they encounter a fatal error in Counter Strike.

So in order to rescue you from this mayhem and disturbance in your game pleasure we have looked up ways to fix fatal error in Counter Strike. It is also found that such an erroroccurs only in windows Vista and windows 7. So if you encounter it and want to fix fatal error in Counter Strike then read on.

Fixing the fatal error in Counter Strike:

After downloading Counter Strike you get to see an error that says that less than 15MB of your computer’s memory is available. This happens due to compatibility problem since Counter Strike is designed for windows Vista only. So if you want to fix fatal error in Counter Strike then here you go:

Right click on the Counter Strike icon from where ever you have saved it and then click ‘Properties’ icon. This will open all properties of the game and you will be able to see all its dynamics while setting off on the road to fix fatal error in Counter Strike.

When you open the ‘Properties’ option and you see all its settings and dynamics you will also notice that you are directed to a short cut tab. Here various options will be given but in order to fix fatal error in Counter Strike  you have to select the ‘Compatibility’ tab only since we know that this error occurs only because of the compatibility differences  between the game settings and your operating system.

After opening the ‘Compatibility’ tab you have find an option that says something relevant to running the program in a mode that is compatible to Windows XP (service pack 3). After clicking on any such option your next step to  fix fatal error in Counter Strike is clicking on the ‘Apply’ or any confirmation button displayed on your screen so that your settings become applicable. Now click on the ‘okay’ button to exit from the windows opened for you to adjust your settings.

After you are done with the above procedure to fix fatal error in Counter Strike open the  Counter Strike application by clicking on its placed at any location by you. It is guaranteed that  you are not likely to face this fatal error again .

So enjoy your error free game without any interruptions and disturbances!