Counter Strike Online

Major Problems With Counter Strike Online

Counter strike Online is an action game that is loved by everyone all over the world, although it was basically designed to hit Asian markets only. It is a classic in the gaming world. Game lovers call it Game of  the Century because of its Attraction.

Counter Strike Online has three most interesting things about it that are:

  • Its a Multiplayer Game.
  • It is a Multi Mode Game.
  • It is a Multiple Options Game. (Such as multi maps, multi armors, multi characters, etc).

It is easy to learn and counter strike online have no special demands or requirements. These were all its advantages while it has some disadvantages too, Obviously.

Major Problems with Counter Strike Online:

Multiple Modes makes it Complex:

The very first problem with Counter Strike Online is its complexity. It is a very complicated game although being easy to learn, it is not very easy to understand. The main reason for this is its multiple modes. All the modes are different from one another. There are Too Many Modes and some are mentioned here:

  • Zombie Mode.
  • VIP Mode.
  • Zombie Survival Mode.
  • Challenge Mode.
  • Original Mode.
  • Death Match.
  • World Cup Mode, etc.

Serious Connection Problems:

It has serious connection problems. Its connection issues become grave sometimes. One reason is Counter Strike Online is an Online game and the other may be its major market is in Asia. Malaysia/Singapore is its host so its connection issues in some other parts of the world becomes serious.

For solving these problems you need to check your computer firewalls, open and close ports and sometimes Internet or network hardware as well etc. Some applications and programs also block Counter strike online hence creating serious problems in your game connection.

Lack of good Voice Chat

The game still lacks a decent voice solution for normal players, making systems like TeamSpeak necessary for true team play. You also need a free TeamSpeak server and free TeamSpeak channel to use.

Unbalanced Armours and Weapons:

Another serious issue in Counter Strike Online is some of its armours are not balanced. Some weapons are also not in a good balance so they cause trouble for the players to play game.

Other Problems with Counter Strike Online:

Counter strike Online is hosted in Malaysia and Singapore so this thing causes grave latency problems for the players. Latency is the rate of connection between the server and your computer. High latency means you have a bad gaming connection. Server blocks you itself as you will cause the game to slow down or freeze, even if you are got in, you are no where in the game.

Counter strike online has several gaming servers but some servers create problems in playing this game. Sometimes game freezes, while you play. It takes time in loading sometime which is also an issue for the Game-Lovers.

Although being a game with problems Counter Strike Online is not rejected or there is no reduction in its players and gamers. It has won many times in the world game competitions and is still loved and played all over the world. These Problems with counter strike online will never affect on the lovers of this game.