Counter Strike Online

Counter Strike Online Review

Counter Strike Online Overview

A duel set of terrorists and counter terrorists fight each other in counter-strike online. Its theme is set in FPS (stands for FIRST PERSON SHOOTER). It was initially developed as a fan-mod but after some time its fame converted an entirely new game. It was initially designed to hit only the Asian players but world-wide popularity made it an international online game. No computer is without Counter-strike online these days. Thanks to the consistent refining and reforming.


Difference between the core ‘’Counter-Strike’’ and the ‘’Counter-Strike Online’’ is only one, and it is the online Cs has more modes, MMO elements and versions than the Counter-strike. The visuals in both are the same.

Facts To Remember

The game is published by IAH Games. It file size is ~600 mb. The game was actually targeted towards Asian markets for the first time in 2008 by South Korea. Game type is MMOFPS which means ‘’Massively Multiplayer First Person Shooter’’. The main idea of the game resembles that of Sudden Attack and Combat Arms. You get points and cash by which you could purchase certain special items in the game for instance weapons. Some of the items need real money to be purchased for this please use micro-payment method.

Some Modes, Maps and Ammunitions

Modes in Counter Strike are many but some of them are mentioned here as; Zombie Scenario, Assassination mode, detonatation mode, death match mode, and Global Offensive etc.

Ammunitions are so many in this game. Some of them are recollected here; there are pistols such as Glock 18 and USP tactical.UMP and TMP and MAC10 are the names of some sub-machine guns.M3 Super and 2MX 1014 are the shotguns in the game. Similarly there are rifles, snipers, machine guns, Grenades and other miscellaneous items. (knives, Kelvers, C4 Explosives, bomb defusing kits etc)

Maps vary from one another also. For every new version there is another map.


Characters in counter-strike online are in variety also. There are hunters, zombies, human beings, SAS top medic, Top Snipers, 707 Commanders, Chinese spies, bomb experts Demon exorcist and many more. Every Version or mode would have a different character.

Pros and Cons of the Game:

It has more pros than cons. Some of them are presented to you here:

The most attractive pros of counter strike online are it has the best graphics. The game is very realistic. It has balanced maps. It resembles its original game i.e. Counter-Strike. It has multiplayer option. It has plenty of weapons and modes to enjoy.

The only serious issue with this game is its latency. The reason for this is its location which is South- East Asia. Some weapons area little imbalanced. But this is not something very grave.


Counter-Strike Online is the best recreation for a serious player. So enjoy the game and have fun!!!!

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