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Interesting Facts About Counter Strike Online


Counter Strike Online is the best ‘’Action’’ entertainment in the gaming world. It is meant for the action lovers. The game was majorly designed for the Asian countries but its popularity made it an essential fun throughout the world. It has more players from the west than from the Asian countries. A lot of players enjoy this game on the daily basis. Some times you have to purchase the desired weapons in the game, as they will be ‘’Locked’’. You can purchase them via Micro-payment .The maximum amount in your account is 16000 in the Counter Strike. There are some interesting facts about this game that are worth knowing.


There are so many games that are really interesting but we cannot play them with each other. It’s a multiplayer game so for adding more fun to the play, invite your friends, make a team become Terrorists or Counter-terrorists and start playing. In Counter-strike online teams defend or destroy each other.


The First beta of ‘’Counter Strike ‘’was released in 19 June 1999 and since then it is being updated and improved. The most interesting thing about counter strike online is it has tow to four updates every year. From BETA 1.0 to BETA 7.1 and from version 1.0 to 1.6 counter-strike online has been growing day by day. And not only these versions are the source of updating it but also the alterations and additions in the older version are still expanding it. The latest version of counter strike online is called the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) it is going to be released in August 21, 2012.

It has a long list of modes. These modes are meant for adding interest and vary the game versions from one another. Some of the modes are as follows:  Death match, Zombie: The Hero, Assassination, and Hostage rescue .You can play any mode of your choice and enjoy.

An interesting fact about the game is ‘’Guerilla Group’.’ It is very famous for bombing school buses full of Rock and Roll musicians. Another amazing thing about the game is the goal of the counter terrorists in ‘’Oilrig’ which is to get the VIP to the helicopter. In the Zombie’s mode if someone is attacked by a Zombie he will also become a Zombie. Zombies are of different kinds and origins, having their own abilities and even ethnicities. For example there is a Chinese zombie and a Singaporean zombie; a heavy zombie, a boss zombie a girl zombie, a light zombie and so on.

Counter-Strike Online has Hostages maps also. Four hostages are there on every hostage rescue map.


Weapons and amours are even updated and introduced from time to time. There is a long list about them. Some of them are pistols, shotguns, sub-machineguns, assault riffles, machines guns and many more. They all have further divisions for example within pistols the game will have GLOCK, Colt Anaconda,   Desert Eagle etc. Some of the shotguns are Benelli M3 Super , Winchester, Daewoo etc. The automatic shotgun could have 7 rounds only, while the standard 12 gauge could have 8 round clips, but its reloading is slow.

The cheapest terrorist rifle is Ak-47 and its price is $ 2500 in the game.


What makes this game superior over others as it has also been included in the gaming competitions all over the world. It has won for the first time a match called team e9 in the oldest professional gaming competition called Cyber athlete Professional League.


Maps are various in the game. They help the players to achieve the goal. They also help in locating the opponents or places. In Counter Strike online map de_dust there are so many green boxes found for you to hide from the enemy.


These fun facts about Counter strike Online gives a great idea about the fun in the game along with increasing your information so do not forget to share this information with your siblings and friends and enjoy while playing it, have fun!!!

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