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Some Useful Tips to Win Counter Strike Online

Counter Strike Online game is a big time challenge for the players and to win in this game is not so easy. To win a round you have to remove and kill all the opponents or achieve the goal that is assigned to you in the map. It needs certain strategies and tips. There are some general instructions given to you to win in any mode. Just use them and enjoy tips to winning counter strike online  the game.

Tips To Win Counter Strike

  1. At the start of every round select a weapon very quickly without wasting any time. You always receive money at the start of every round. Use that money but don’t waste a lot of it because for the wining round you will need at least $3500 money to buy weapons. You can choose USp, Glock or HE grenade. Three of them are amazing to fight with.
  2. It is very important to communicate with your team,and might even be fun to do. Join a TeamSpeak server to communicate with your friends and teammates, and make a free TeamSpeak channel.
  3. For exploring the team map and for using the bombs, just stay close to your teammates. You must be an unpredictable player for killing the enemies with the bombs. Move slowly towards your enemies, they must not hear you coming.
  4. While exploring the team map, instead of using weapons switch to your knife or pistol. It will allow you to run faster.
  5. Beware of the places where your foes can appear suddenly like the nooks or the entrances etc.
  6. Always fire your enemy on the chest or above it.
  7. Striking into the army post is not a good strategy. The reason is army is always vigilant and always present in the basement.
  8. Keeping a grenade is a good weapon to distract the enemy.
  9. Shoot at the walls or covers like boxes where your enemy is hidden, because the bullets can penetrate into them. In Counter Strike bullets can pierce into any surface. Try to use a HE grenade for it.
  10. While shooting, don’t move. It will affect your accuracy.
  11. Map name can be distinguished from the first two letters in Counter Strike. CS maps are hostage maps, Ts maps are terrorist maps. Try to distinguish the maps by the two letters before playing.
  12. Keep an eye on the enemies’ belts. It ensures the destruction of the opponents.
  13. Try to learn the features of all the weapons for a better strike. Practice CV 74 and M4 weapons and learn more about them.

These were some Really Working and Helpful Tips to Win Counter Strike Online Easily, Actually if you Play with Passion and Concentration you can win the game Quickly.

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